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About Us

About Fundraising

The main goal of the international project, Whole World is to develop an innovative system capable of ensuring an effective raising funds for realization of charitable programs (effective fundraising).

Before telling you about the features of the Fundraising Technologies used in our project, we would like to say a few words about the concept of Fundraising as an inherent process of charity.

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Types of Fundraising

There are many forms and ways to raise funds exist in the world.
The most popular and known types of Fundraising are:

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Mail Fundraising

All kinds of mailings and phone calls to potential donators.

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Mass Media Fundraising

TV, radio, printed and other mass media

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Event Fundraising

Organization of various charity concerts, exhibitions and other events

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Open-air Events

Small open-air events, donation boxes

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Marketing Fundraising

Deduction of charitable donations from sales of goods or services

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Partnership Fundraising

Interdependent and motivated activities of participants of different communities, each one of which can simultaneously act both as a benefactor and a fundraiser.

Our Mission, Vision and Our Values

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Our Mission
We come with the simple mission of providing our customers with the best experiences and to invest in the continuous improvement of our skills and technologies.
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Our Vision
Our vision is to become a globally recognized company established world-wide with an excellence in organizational structure, and to provide quality and cost effective services to our customers.
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Our Values
We value our people and focus on improving together and strive to do what is right and seek a world view and act without boundaries.